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All clients want their requests to be met in the manner and time of their choice, which places field professionals as the primary responsible for maintaining high customer satisfaction rates.


The best service providers are those who care about quality, efficiency and transparency, offering tools and working conditions to provide these values.

Lan Solver will help your business exceed customer expectations by providing them with:

  • Self service web portal

  • Real-time interaction

  • Accurate and detailed task reports

  • IVR-Automation

  • Approval workflows for requests

  • Inventory system

Prioritizing the operation is no longer enough. Our solution introduces a new approach to customer interaction and value adding.

"Mobility is not a magic potion. However, when technicians have real-time information about the customer and the equipment that needs the services, they can have more conversations with customers and make sure they correct the problem on the first visit. "

Aly Pinder Jr., senior research analyst, service manager; Aberdeen Group


of the largest service providers have self-service portals for their clients.



of all final customers wish to know the expected arrival time  of the service technician.

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