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Do you do manual schedules for your technicians?

Put away the paper and the disorder.

Eliminate the technician's non-attendance occurrences and rework that are the major causes of customer dissatisfaction.

Surprise and get clients loyalty

Lan Solver's field service management solution enables managers to perform a fully transparent operation. No matter how remote the locations where your technicians are. After the field data collection, the service center can access them at any time to see the task progress and completion rates.

The service center coordinators have total control and visibility of their employees with customized dashboards to their needs. And the most important; the availability of data in real time informs the forecasts without delays, making the company proactive and focused on customer satisfaction rates.


Smart Schedule

Schedule tasks in advance with routine parameters (daily / weekly / monthly), proximity, skills, sla etc.

Connect the entire workforce

Integrate your field team and allow querying information from back office systems (CRM, ERP, Assets etc)

Real-time tracking

Create automated operational flows based on data collected in the field.

Track all your employees in the location map and know which tasks are running

IVR - Automation

We have a modern IVR automation system where the end customer can consult  their requests status through a voice system, without human intervention, reducing costs.

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