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Often the field technicians are neglected and by the autonomous and "remote" work they stop interacting with the back-office collaborators, compromising the maintenance of the company culture.


Field employees work with customers almost every day and have the best opportunity to positively surprise the customer.


Lan Solver provides the tools to deliver this experience and empower your field team to add great value to the customer relationship.

In an ultra-competitive market such as today, the field professional is expected to be provided with up-to-date data on equipment history, repair needs, and required parts and forms. When this does not happen, clients satisfaction comes down.

Fortunately, Lan Solver's powerful solution provides the tools you need to excel in services. A single application provides in real-time all the data it needs to perform its tasks.

With this, your team begins to keep customers loyalty, promoting the policy of quality, efficiency and state-of-the-art technology of the company.

Tasks overview

With a simple touch of the screen you can view all completed tasks, in progress and even future ones

Operational efficiency

Create check-lists to perform tasks, make operational procedures available, and create a shared knowledge base

Works online and offline

Tasks are synchronized and remain on the device until the next synchronization and can be completed even without a data connection

Completely eliminate the paper

Digital and dynamic forms replace paper padding, minimizing writing errors, and automatically triggering workflows.

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