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There is a much simpler and more productive way to manage your field services

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field services


In city or country, online or offline you can work even without data conection, synchronizing the data later when there is data coverage

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Lan Solver solutions meets the needs of many market segments: telecom services, logistics, health, retail, industry and many others.

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Uncomplicated methodology, with simple and intuitive interface. Easy to understand and simple to use

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Easy integration with "back-office" (ERP, CRM, legacy systems, etc.) will allow your systems to send and receive data to our application,

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A complete and innovative solution for "Field Service Management"


Your clients are looking for partners who work with quality and transparency.

If they do not find in your company, they will look for another vendor.

Do not wait until be replaced

Know our solutions for your business now and increase your revenue, surprising your clients with faster and more efficient field services, outperforming your competitors.

With real-time information in the smartphone / tablet application and web portal, you'll have standardized processes, data collection with evidences, and more.​


Integrate all the values of your service center with the systems of the company and meet the expectations of your customers with a proactive management.

Efficient management

Uncomplicated deployment, reduced operational cost and greater value in your business


Take Control

Distribute the tasks through the smart schedule, track everything using the web portal and know exactly where your employees are and what they are doing

central de serviços

Solution for your 

field team

With our mobile application you bring the field collaborator to "inside" the company, standardize the service and integrate your team with a simple and intuitive interface

Colaboradores em campo

Surprise Your Customers to Build Loyalty 


Demonstrate transparency and quality for your customers, with efficient communication flows and self-service channels


Ricardo Galvão

Operations Manager

Engeman Telecom


The Lan Solver application, used by Engeman has become an indispensable work tool for all our maintenance technicians, because with it are scheduled the places to be visited and the schedules are also scripted Each Engeman employee performs the "time appointment" done at the beginning and end of the work day, and most importantly, through the check list, fills to the form with more than 600 items to be checked at each site inspection. The technicians were exempted from the use of paper, since previously were filled more than 6 pages handwritten in paper forms, only in this has already been possible a significant cost reduction.





Clients Testimonials

Thiago Alves


Home 2U Vacation Rentals



First of all, I want to thank Lan Solver for his dedication and professionalism and how amazing this partnership was.

We are a Florida vacation rental management company and we need to keep everything in perfect condition.

We had difficulties in knowing if the work orders were carried out, if the employees were actually in the determined place and how much time they took to complete the tasks

With the Lan Solver system, in addition to having these metrics, we were able to implement control of residential inventories, statistical reports, productivity controls and ensure through evidence (photos, forms and check lists) that the service was performed with quality

I appreciate the partnership and I recommend this system for any company that aims to have a professional organization, regardless of the size of your business.










William Lopes

Operations Manage



Lan Solver is great service partner and offers innovative solutions in self-service telephone replacing manual intervention, providing a solution that, in addition to increasing productivity, eliminates the possibility of failures in the execution of IT tasks, such as resetting and unlocking user access passwords


Clients who rely in Lan Solver

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